Why our Technology, here is what we do

  • Total Herd - Calf, Beef & Dairy: AgVis is engineered and priced to scale at farm level.
  • Traceability - Location & Health are vital statistics: being able to provide a total health history record for each animal benefits both farm to fork, and farm to farm, eco-systems.  When animal buyers or final consumers buy with increased confidence, quality linked farm produce pricing increases also.
  • Optimisation - The AgVis Live alert system for each individual animal will allow quicker response when a change of animal condition occurs.  This does not in any way diminish animal husbandry, rather it enhances it and maximises efficient use of labour on the farm.  Farm sizes are increasing, food demand is increasing, and efficient LEAN farming practices are required to ensure farms can scale to meet these demands.
  • Young Livestock - Final livestock performance is directly linked to the early months of calf welfare: proper weight gain and minimising illness like pneumonia is key to meeting these goals.  AgVis helps monitor the health and growth cycle of young livestock.
  • Reproduction - AgVis monitors Fertility in a unique way, also aiding in the future herd selection by grading the fertility of young female livestock to better guide the farm selection process of future herd candidates.
Global Food Security & Increased Demand
  • Increasing demand and consumer safety are key areas of focus in relation to farming livestock, AgVis will assist in farm optimisation & proof of rearing.
  • Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) and Compliance - AgVis uses primary clinical detection methods to warn of welfare changes to the livestock, allowing early isolation, intervention and medication - best practice methods to minimise the risk of illness spread; and early detection minimises performance losses, antibiotics use and returns livestock to full productivity early.